The honey-coloured Abbey is a supreme achievement of Portuguese architecture, featuring dazzling richness and Manueline decorations. The bulk of the building was completed between 1388 and 1434.

The Capelas Imperfeitas (Unfinished Chapels) form a separate structure and were commissioned in 1437 as a royal mausoleum. The place is unique among Christian architecture and evocative of the great shrines of Islam and Hinduism. it's a perfect illustration of the variety and uninhibited excitements of Portuguese art during the age od Discovery.


The Cistercian monastery at Alcobaça was founded in 1153 by Don Afonso Henrique to celebrate his victory over the Moors. Its church and cloister are the purest creation of all Portuguese Gothic architecture.


Known as "The Wedding City", the medieval town in the month of December becomes a Christmas playground filled with families and tourists. To further my frustration, even the castle was turned into a temporary Santa theme park.