This website is divided in 8 sections, some of which contain a group of small locations within the same region. The sections 1 - 8 are indicated on the map to the left, ordered by the sequence of my visit.

I arrived in Lisbon on Saturday, 11/22/08, spent the weekend with Scott, and started the road trip on Tuesday, on a cute Renault Clio equipped with Carmen, my faithful GPS navigator.

1: Lisboa

2: The palaces and castles in Queluz and Sintra

3: Alentejo region: Évora, Vila Viçosa, Marvão

4: Serra da Estrela: Where the Piscos and Almeidas came from. Not to mention the amazing local cheese

5: Porto

6: Guimarães, Braga, Bom Jesus do Monte

7: The Monasteries of Batalha and Alcobaça, and a frustrating quick stop at Óbidos

8: Coimbra


The 2-day visit was barely enough to visit a couple of the highlights. In Lisboa, I understood where the colonial Brazilian architecture originated. It was a melow visit, no crowds, gentle pace of life. Plus, Lisbon has one of the most poetical subway stations I've ever seen!